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The world's need for energy is taking oil and gas producers to places that are more remote and more challenging than ever before. Our broad range of specialty materials and engineered solutions, as well as our established supply chain, position us uniquely to help oil and gas companies reach farther and solve engineering challenges in the most severe environments. Our high performance specialty material solutions for exploration and production applications can offer corrosion and environmental cracking resistance as well as reduced component weight. In some of the deepest parts of the oceans, Duplexsteel provides high strength, corrosion resistant material solutions for flow lines, risers and control lines. Duplexsteel materials are also relied on in critical subsea wellhead and completion components. In downhole operations, Duplexsteel breakthroughs are helping companies create sophisticated directional drilling tools that thrive in the most severe drilling environments to reach reservoirs once considered too challenging to develop. From specialty materials and forgings, to finished machined components, Duplexsteel offers solutions to the most challenging problems facing the oil & gas industry.



The extreme conditions that exist in chemical processing and refining facilities place exceptional demands on systems to stand up to heat, pressure, stress and corrosion over an operating life that can span decades. Since we introduced stainless steel to U.S. industry nearly a hundred years ago, Duplexsteel has remained at the leading edge in providing these industries with advanced materials and products that meet and exceed their expectations. Today we supply chemical processors, refiners, food processors and other industries with advanced stainless steels as well as a wide range of specialty materials and components formulated specifically for the toughest applications. Our integrated supply chain and certified product quality assure high performance and reliability for decades to come.



Today’s cars and trucks travel further, last longer and use fuel more efficiently than ever before, thanks to advanced design—and to specialty materials from Duplexsteel. Our high-performance nickel-based alloys perform throughout the drivetrain, wherever there’s a need for a heat-resistant, stress-resistant, corrosion-resistant component. Our stainless steel is found in everything from shiny trim for motorcycles to rugged, corrosion-resistant tanks for long-haul trucks. And we supply specialty materials that drive solutions for everything from airbag systems to wiper blades, gaskets and fuel tanks. We even make steel for hose clamps. Since the dawn of the automotive age, we have been part of its future, developing new materials and designs that extend the life and reduce the cost of transportation in all its forms. Today, with advanced capabilities like our new Hot-Rolling and Processing Facility (HRPF) in Pittsburgh, U.S.A., we are better equipped than ever to support automakers as they push the limits of design and performance.



Building a better world : Global growth is boosting the demand for architectural materials as well as heavy equipment for construction and mining. Our forged products, stainless steels and other specialty materials and components provide high-performance, cost-effective solutions. Building green with stainless steel : The need for greater energy efficiency in today’s LEED certified buildings is fueling the use of sustainable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel from floor to ceiling. In commercial and residential buildings, we offer higher-strength specialty material solutions that can reduce overall project lifecycle costs. Forged Strength : In mining and construction, reliability is critical. Heavy-duty forged components in the drivetrains of trucks, bulldozers and specialized equipment provide the durability these machines need to keep operating under the most demanding conditions.