One of India's incredibly old infamous structures the 2.34kms railroad associate over Palk Strait interfacing with Rameswaram island of Tamilnadu state, with the prop up or last station on an area of Indian landmass Mandapam is entering its last time of use in journey of History. As per Indian Railways' objective situated errand of a resulting new platform parallel to Pamban bridge is set to take off in an extra couple of months.

The new expansion will cost approx 250 crore and come up at a zone which is known as the second most ruinous region on earth after Florida in the US. In solicitation to deal with the issue of disintegration, corrosion and other help related issues, Railways has used Duplex Solidified Steel 2205 as an essential part for the production of four props of the new framework of bridge.


The duplex steel has high utilization resistance limit with irrelevant upkeep," said a senior specialist from RVNL. With this effect, the Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL), a planning arm of Indian Railways ministry, which has been blessed with the endeavor of structure the expansion, has invited offers to verify 120 tons of solidified structal duplex steel.

As per proposed the new Pamban railway bridge will have 100 scopes of 18.3-meter steel bolsters (1.83 km) and one navigational scope of 72.5 meters. It will be three meters higher than the ebb and flow expansion with navigational air slack of 22 meters above sea level. Because of vertical lift of bridge, full even width of 72.5 meters will be available for course of pontoons and vessels.

"We have successfully completed the earth test at a few regions. The new augmentation has been organized fittingly for twofold lines, including navigational lift length, parallel to the present platform. The normal works for improvement of another augmentation will begin in an extra couple of months," the specialist said.

The ebb and flow Pamban augmentation was one of longest sea rail associate when was worked in 1904. It remained as the fundamental surface system between Rameswaram island with territory till a road framework was worked in 1988. Meter check trains delivered a few pioneers step by step to Sri Ramanathaswamy asylum on the island. The framework has 144 backings assessing 13.30 meters long, 2.35 meters in broadness and 1.25 meters in height and measuring 11 tons with rails.

In 2016, as a noteworthy part of fortifying of Pamban interface the Railways replaced physically worked 65.23 meter two leaf structure with another vertically worked electronic range to engage vessels to go under the expansion. As the substitution works required withdrawal of trains on Pamban associate for a half year to one year, Railways proceeded with improvement of second framework.

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